Sex and Grades Video

Hey guys! We have a treat for this update for everyone. Namely a fresh and new sex and grades video with the hottest blonde teen you’d ever hope to stick your cock in. She’s a sweet but wild little thing. Quite the hardcore real fucking animal if you ask me. Sex and grades had the fortune of getting this scene of her doing a professional blowjob, after which she takes the monster cock straight in her ass. At the end she also begged for the guy to cum all over that tiny sweet and tight ass of hers. Well either way we bet that you will adore this hot video that we bring you today everyone. So let’s see the cutie in action.

No matter what you say, this blonde is one hot piece of ass. And you would have to be really dumb to pass up the opportunity to slide your meat in her eager holes, especially when the petite cutie asks for it nicely by herself. You just have to see this slender and cute little babe as she works on the dude’s cock nice and hard with her pussy and ass, and lets herself get a nice dicking doggie style, as the guy slams his big hard cock in her holes from behind. Take the time to check out the past scenes as well to see more cute babes, and rest assured that as always we’ll have more for you to see next week as well. Bye bye everyone!


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Sex and Grades – Passed A+

We got our hands this week on some prime Sex and Grades material yet again. This girl required some extra special private tutoring. So her pervy old teacher obliged her request. And by tutoring we mean she just wanted him over for some hardcore sex. Go over to and see that tight teen pussy filled by a huge cock, netting this cutie another A on her report card. And this sexy cutie has been here before getting her sweet holes filled with cock. Today she does an encore as she seems to be in need of some more nice and good grades. Lucky for her that the teach is her fuck buddy otherwise she would be in serious trouble.


So as her scene starts off, you see the cutie as she takes her panties off and she taunts the dude with her sweet pussy and ass as she bends over. Of course after the nice and hot tease show, she makes her way to him and she whips out his cock out of his pants to suck and slurp on it and get it nice and ready for her sweet cunt. Take a seat and watch the lovely and sexy babe as she climbs on top of the dude sliding that nice and hard piece of man meat as deep as it can go in her cunt. Enjoy seeing her bouncing up and down on his hard cock and see her cute butthole fingered as well while she fucks him.

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SexAndGrades – Naughty Highschool Girl

Well well well. Guess who’s back! After her straight A’s SexAndGrades Melissa thought she wouldn’t have any more trouble as school no matter how bad she behaved. Well seems one of her teachers had a different idea because he loves to take advantage of slutty schoolgirls. Since she thought her pussy would get her everything, he put that to the test. So our perverted  sex and grades teacher called her in his office one afternoon. He locked the door and just told her to get undressed. She obliged like usually. Then the teach just went straight for her pussy and started to fuck her hard. And just as she was about to cum he stopped. He repeated this until she started going crazy, simply begging him to just let her come already.

So look at the next rough pussy pounding  and see why she stopped thinking that her pussy will get her out of any trouble that she may encounter. Anyway, we bet that you will just adore seeing this cute and sexy little blonde as she gets one nice and hard fucking from the guy. This is one superb and hot scene that you cannot pass up seeing, as you will get to watch a very hot and horny babe fucking hard style for the whole afternoon. We hope that you had fun with it and do check out the past scenes with some more nice and hot babes taking some hard cocks in their holes for some nice grades. So see you guys soon with more and have fun with this scene.


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Sex and Grades – A+

This update’s Sex and Grades petite schoolgirl is Melissa. Her grades are poor and she came to the teacher to ask what can she do to improve her grades. Next in this great 18-23 porn update the things are going crazy, because the man said that not much except study or offer her sweet pussy for some pounding. And just like that her cunt started to land her straight A’s for the whole semester. Well at the way that this teen babe took her dicking, there was no way that the guy would not give her straight A’s for the rest of the year. And to be fair, the cutie earned herself a fuck buddy for whenever she feels horny too.


She first came in with her problem to this guy in regards to her grades, and after he said that she should study harder, she straight up told him that she can do “other” things even harder as she starts to unbutton his shirt and pants and shipped out his cock. Take the time to see her sucking and slurping and deep throating his cock to get it nice and hard and big for her other holes. Then see her taking a nice ass and pussy fucking and watch her loving every moment of her sex session with this guy. We bet you will too, and as usual you know you can find even more of these here next week everyone. See you then and have fun!

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Double penetration

Sex and Grades is pleased to bring you yet another teen caught doing bad stuff. Her homeroom teacher Mr. Grant caught her vandalizing the school’s gym this afternoon, and he decided that this rebellious teen needs a attitude adjustment. So how else are you going to do to calm down a raunchy girl than go straight for the oldest trick in the book, that calms any girl. Namely please her pussy and she’ll calm down. So what are you waiting for cum inside sexandgrades and see her get her pussy disciplined with two huge dildos at the same time.

This sizzling hot babe is one red headed hottie that just loves to fuck, and this teacher knows it. Well in exchange for giving her some nice and good grades, he always gets to play with her body. Today you get to see her sexy and cute round ass and her wet pink pussy as they get loosened nicely by some big toys. And of course it doesn’t end there. You will also be watching her get a nice and rough fucking both anally and in her pussy too. Have fun seeing this super cute and sexy babe fuck hard style, and we will be expecting you once more next week as per usual with some more fresh and hot scenes. Goodbye and enjoy the scenes!


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Sex and Grades Pictures

Hey there! For this exquisite update we have a sizzling hot Sex and Grades pictures gallery for you to enjoy. This naughty schoolgirl was caught drawing pornographic stuff on the blackboard, so the teacher gave her detention after class in his office. And for her punishment to her surprise she had to do a blowjob for beginners and then take some dick up her wet holes at in order for her to be forgiven. Hearing this she couldn’t be more delighted. She’s a pro at having sex, and seems she got out of trouble this time by just using her teen pussy. Check out exploited teens website and enjoy watching other hot teens getting their tight pussies fucked! So let’s get this show started and see the very lovely cutie in action.


As another fresh week started we just had to bring you this sexy little cutie in front of the cameras as she is one slutty and cock hungry babe that’s always looking for a good fuck. And according to her own words, if she’s getting some straight A’s while enjoying sex, then it’s all the better for her from her perspective. Today she gets to take it nice and deep in the ass as you can see and she enjoys it very much. She sais that she always adores having some nice and thick meat shoved up her tight little butt. So just sit back and enjoy her scene and see you guys next week with some more scenes. Goodbye and see you soon!

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Sex and Grades Gallery

This week’s studious girl at Sex and Grades Gallery is Dany. And she’s a truly worthy girl, with all her academical performance. She usually awaits for the teacher to come over to her house, and as soon as he enters the door she’s all over him and his cock. Cum inside and watch how she puts her pussy to the test of ultimate pounding. Good thing she likes fucking so much, because  her eager pussy sure helped her grades get better. Enjoy this petite beauty’s pussy getting thoroughly worked, and see her enjoying every moment of her hard hole banging in this nice and hot update today everyone.

Like we said, the name of this petite and sexy cutie is Dany and she just loooves sex. And she always uses it to get what ever she wants from guys without remorse. Today she is using her said skills for getting some nice grades and you can certainly say that she fully deserves them at the way that she fucked this lucky stud for the afternoon. Watch the sexy babe bending over and taking a nice dicking in both her ass and pussy and enjoy her cute moans as she gets her dicking. We will be back as well next week with some more scenes for you so stay tuned and make sure that you don’t miss them everyone. Bye bye!

sex and grades rough exam

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Well deserved “A”

Teen schoolgirl Tania is a hard worker and studies hard for her grades. So if you like watching super hot teens being fucked by their old teachers, here is the right to be, fellas! Curious just how hardcore she works for those A’s? Why not take a look at the next sexandgrades update and see her skills at working cock. How else did you think she’s got straight A’s! And it would be a shame to let this scene slide as you get to see one more simply cute and adorable babe working on a nice and big cock for some good grades today. Let’s not waste time and see her working that man meat with skill and passion for her good grades.


As her scene starts off, the cutie makes her entry wearing a nice and sexy schoolgirl uniform, and she looked super hot while wearing it too. She was quick to get all kinky and naughty and start working for her grades, and in addition to great skill, this babe also shows off one more thing. And that is that cute and innocent as she looks, she can be a real naughty little slut in bed if she gets turned on. Take the time to see the babe sucking and slurping on that nice and big cock, and then see her pussy slammed nice and hard all afternoon long as she moans in pleasure. We hope you’ll like it and we’ll be seeing you soon once more!

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Sex and Grades – Anal Exam

Sex and Grades had a specific test in mind for today, for our naughty student Barbara. She skipped class for the last time this week and she was summoned to the teacher’s house for some student porn special detention. And to teach her a lesson good ol’ teach had a special exam set up just for her. And that means just what you think it means, a good and rough SexandGrades anal testing session. See her get her ass put to the test, and enjoy as you can probably guess that she is going to get a nice and well deserved A+ for her performance too. So let’s sit back and watch this brunette cutie in action with her scene.

As the cameras start rolling, the babe can be seen as she takes off the studs’ pants and underwear to reveal his nice and thick cock. And so she starts working it with her luscious and expert lips to get it nice and hard and prepared for her tight little butt today. As soon as it was ready and hard, the babe presented the stud with her lovely ass and he straight off shoved that cock balls deep inside her fine and sexy butt today. Take the time to see her moaning in pleasure while she gets her anal fucking today and do come back next week for another sexy and hot update everyone. You won’t be disappointed!


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SexAndGrades – Hardcore Exam

In this sexandgrades scenario, this poor little schoolgirl has to face a hard exam. Well a hardcore one at that. She got invited to the teacher’s house in order for a super special evaluation, of her body and pussy that is. Well since she can’t really do anything else she submitted and took that hardcore pussy exam. And she passed with flying colors. Cum inside sex and grades galleries and see her working hard on that cock for an easy A+. Enjoy as you can feast your eyes on one superb and cute little babe that gets her pussy filled today!


Well as her sexy little scene starts off, the cutie can be seen teasing this guy in her own room as she starts to undress and presents him with her very perky and playful tits. Take the time to enjoy seeing him play with her breasts, and then see this babe taking off her panties as well as she could barely hold back her desire for a nice and big cock to fuck her deep and hard. And as you can see, you can’t really say no to a cutie like her, especially when she packs such a cute and sexy petite body that is yearning for your touch. Have fun with this lovely scene and the blonde babe and do come back next week for many more sexy scenes everyone!

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